Welcome to SocSciAH

Back in 2002, I attended the European Social Science History Conference for the first time, in The Hague. Despite discovering that, as an impecunious young scholar who had looked for the very cheapest accommodation available, I was booked into a run-down holiday camp several miles out of town with no restaurants anywhere nearby, I had an amazing time; it was a great opportunity to meet other ancient historians from Europe and the US with an interest in social and economic history, but also to attend sessions organised by historians of other periods, focusing on themes like historical theory, migration, gender, peasants and demography. I came away fired up with enthusiasm, and with the idea that we ought to set up an email list for ancient ec & soc historians to stay in touch with one another – but was talked down by a colleague, who suggested that such a thing really wasn’t necessary when we have the Classicists email list. Continue reading